The blue wells.

Travel to Colombia: a great choice.

With different landscapes to visit, Villa de Leyva is the place.

When you talk about the most visited place in Colombia, Villa de Leyva is the spot. The beautiful village has been preserved in its entirety, with cobblestone roads and white buildings. It is a city frozen in time. The mild and dry climate has long attracted outsiders.

Today, Hospedaje Camping La Tierrita brings you a tour of the most emblematic and majestic places.

Recognized for its archaeological attraction, many visitors are fascinated by the diversity of samples found in paleontological museums. For the mountain lovers, The Iguaque Lagoon is an interesting point of reference. It is a mystical place that keeps the legend of the origin of humanity. It’s part of the National Natural Parks System. It is ideal for ecotourism or just those lovers a good natural place. You can camp in the mountains and take guided walks to the lagoon.


Although it is not natural, the blue wells are another attractive place to visit. Its blue color is converted to green by the action of soil minerals. Located in the middle of the desert of La Candelaria, it can be reached by car, walking, cycling, or for more excitement, by motorcycle.


With time, Villa de Leyva continues to attract visitors. The mild climate and its peaceful streets are principal attraction. International tourists make up an important part of the statistics. Thanks to the different festivals celebrated in the year, the town becomes a majestic mix of cultures.

This year foreigners will make their presence known. Every year since 2011, lovers and artists from all over the world come together to celebrate the International Jazz Festival. It gathers young artists of different origins. It is a moment of joy for music lovers. In September they celebrate the International History Festival. In the second edition, it will attempt to expand national and international history.  It’s oriented to attract new generations. Bringing dynamism to understand the present and preview the future. Before the end of the year, the International Film Festival wraps the place with the magic that is behind the cameras.

With courses, workshops, and presentation of short films, visitors and foreigners will learn about the new trends of cinema.


Traveling to Colombia is wonderful and without a doubt, Villa de Leyva has a variety of touristic attractions that will make you want to return again and again.