sightseeing in Colombia 

Go sightseeing in Colombia: is Villa de Leyva the best place?

With different landscapes to visit, Villa de Leyva is the busiest to make sightseeing in Colombia 

Sightseeing in Colombia: The beautiful village has been preserve in its entirety, with cobblestone roads and white buildings. It is a city frozen in time. The mild and dry climate has long attracted outsiders.

Renowned for its archaeological appeal. Many visitors are fascinated by the diversity of samples found in paleontological museums. This historic city has the larger central square in Colombia.

Now, Hospedaje La Tierrita brings you a tour of the most emblematic and majestic places to know. 

For mountain lovers, 20 kilometers from Villa de Leyva is El Paso del Ángel. Con A path no more than 30 centimeters wide in which there are two abysses on each side. One 150 meters high and the other 30. As a background, it has two rivers that never cross. It is undoubtedly a beautiful and challenging natural setting.


Another beautiful place is located 27 kilometers from Villa de Leyva, it is called Cascada La Honda. Crystallines waterfalls are ideal to go in the morning to have good light and enjoy a long time. We recommended bringing clothing, comfortable shoes, some snacks, and hydration. Once you enter the place, you will notice that you are in the middle of the wonders that only mother earth can offer. Flora and fauna typical of the forest will accompany your visit.


With time, Villa de Leyva continues to attract visitors. International tourists make up a part of the statistics. The mild climate and its peaceful streets are the principal attractions.

Make sightseeing in Colombia is no doubt a wonderful experience. Villa de Leyva offers you a great stay. It is one of the 17 historical cities that has been declared a national heritage.

Come and stay with us. Hospedaje La Tierrita has everything you need and wants to make your visit a comfortable experience. Our spaces get you the liberty to enjoy the beautiful natural landscape and make you want to return again and again.